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orinealan ([personal profile] orinealan) wrote2016-03-17 07:33 pm

Some fun

Imagine into a trolley bus enters grandmother. Typical such grandmother: 60-65 years, a kerchief on her head, an old-fashioned coat with fox collar faded, unchanging string bag. But in the other hand - a baseball-bat, and I must say sickly size!
The people start to laugh quietly. Youth undertone assumptions builds: say, a social security grandmother pulled, or disassembly in zhek gathered. Passengers older than just smile. It does not escape from the grandmother, she starts complaining:
- No, well, what ?! In a sports shop purchased - an everyone laughs! In the subway riding - the same! And then you laugh! What's so funny? Maybe my grandson tomorrow celebrates 20 years' jubilee? I asked him what present he wants , he said - give me, granny, a baseball-bat! He's a sportsman, yeah!
Few hushed people gather his thoughts, and some guy clarifies:
- He's A baseball player?
Grandma a little surprise:
- No, he's not... He's a boxer. I too think, and why would he need a baseball-bat?